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Templates for Instagram Stories

Instagram stories provide a powerful way of connecting to your followers, enhancing your brand, and reaching others in the Instagram community. The first template I used to do a shout out to stylists I admire ended up resulting in a coffee invite from one of my Instagram idols Hannah Argyle.  I'd impacted on her at a personal level and as a result a connection had been made. We live on opposite sides of the world, but nonetheless, I will take her up on the offer the next time I'm in London!  The second time I used a template, I ended up in conversation with Instagram's top food stylist (in my eyes) Bea Lubas.  We shared common ground on a previous favourite image which she, unbeknownst to me, was about to repost the following day.  I'd momentarily entered her inner world and made a connection all from my Instagram story. 


I've created 21 beautiful Instagram story templates in total and I've listed below ways that you may find them useful.  They can:

  • Help you mix up your content and catch the attention of your audience
  • Let you create an authentic connection with your followers and the instagram community
  • Draw attention to your Instagram posts in a lighthearted way
  • Allow you to share the love by building up and supporting others around you
  • Connect you with brands/influencers/stylists that you love
  • Draw attention to new blog posts
  • Provide a template to run searches for brand reps/influencers or stylists

Use the templates to have fun and be social from the comfort of your couch! Send some love to your best supporters, play a game of WIDN (what I'm doing now), share a friday follow, show some appreciation to your favourite Insta mums, share dreams about an OOTD (outfit of the day) or lotto win.  Games like WIDN (below) are a fun way of presenting an insight into your day but also have the advantage that anyone that you tag to play will repost your name in the top box, effectively giving you a little promo to their followers!


Use the templates to connect with brands that you'd love to work with. Run a search for a brand rep, influencer or stylist - the templates can be used to connect with specific accounts you'd like to reach out to.  This is effectively a very informal and lighthearted way of delivering a message to specific people without the feeling of rejection if you don't hear back.  


There are eight templates especially designed for stylists. They consist of styling Q&As, bucket lists and trends and can also be used to bring attention to your posts and blogs.  They're a perfect tool to express your inner thoughts as a stylist in a fun way. They're also the perfect medium to connect you with brands and other stylists.


These templates are only a handful of many that I've created.  All 21 can be found on my Instagram @prettycreativestyle if you'd like to see all of the options. Under my Instagram bio, you'll see them saved under highlights.  Simply tap the screen, take a screenshot and repost to your stories.  I'd love to learn more about you so please tag me.  Have fun!