Blogging tips on styling and photography

Adding an extra element to your image

Adding an extra digital touch to your styled image can be super simple these days with all of the phone apps available.  Done well, it can create extra interest and visual appeal and help your images stand out from the crowd.  It can, however, be daunting and time consuming to search through all of the different apps out there.  I've put together this blog to let you know how to add effects like in this image with one simple app.


When you've taken your image and finished your standard editing you're all set to add your final touches.  Download the Canva app onto your phone and you're ready to start.  When you open the app, you'll have options of different image size formats to choose from.  The one you select needs to reflect the size of the photo that you want to work with.  So for Instagram, you may have a square photo (a common ratio) and will select the "Instagram post" option.  Select an image without the coin icon which will mean you can just add your image without having to pay. 

Simply add your image over top of the existing display and resize it to fit the screen. From here, how you enhance your image, comes down to your creative imagination.  You can add words in a whole range of fonts as I've done onto the music sheet above.  There are a whole range of shapes under the graphic section that can provide a good starting base.  You can also search graphics to find specific clip art to incorporate into your images.  For my image above I searched for items related to music to compliment the existing music sheet. I also added some stars to add some flow and further interest.  All items can be fully customised for colour and size to work in with your existing image. 

There will be many clip art options that are paid which may be preferable if you are creating an extra special image.  However, if you are just wanting to have a play for the sake of being creative then you will more than likely be able to find a suitable free option like I have done in this image. 

Here's the original image below - it's still a good image but looks a bit bare following on from the enhanced image above. But hey, you've got another imaging option to experiment with now so enjoy working those creative neurons where you see fit!