One morning Sarah from sh.glamourhair came around to my studio aka my house for a styling session.  Over about three hours Sarah and I worked together to come up with 6 beautiful images for her to use on her website and social media.  Sarah talked me through her ideal images and what she wanted to portray in them.  She had brought along a few items to include and I also had a wide selection of props to draw from as well as some backdrops that complimented her business beautifully.  During our session Sarah observed the process and got lots of tips on how to style her products for the future.  She also practiced styling a flat lay and I gave advice along the way to help critique and fine tune it.  Together, we came up with 6 beautiful images and I even helped her post the first one onto Instagram.  Her page instantly had a quality feel to it and she was excited to not only have 5 more amazing pics ready to post but also have the knowledge to create her own in the future.