Product Styling E-book

Learning the language of visual communication is the key to making your product shine. I’ve enjoyed helping hundreds of business owners master the art of product styling and to make this information even more accessible I’ve created this book.

The purpose of this 88 page guide is to inspire you to style your own products by arming you with everything you need to know.  All of the key components will be covered off in this resource where I’m going to help you with:

Getting inspired to take charge of your own product styling. Inspiration leads to motivation and this is the first place we will start.

Everything you need to know about backdrops – what to use, where to find them, backdrops on a budget and making your own.

Props – why they are the supporting act of your visual story, the best props to use, where they can be found, DIY props.

Visual theories to apply to take away the guess work on what will work.

Learning all of the “theory” behind a good photo so your photos won’t be let down by rookie mistakes or oversights. If one of these components is missing your image will not shine like it should!

Practical steps to getting started.

Colour schemes including images to help you visualise concepts.

8 ideas for settings that your product can be styled in. There are so many settings you probably haven’t even thought of and this section will open up a world of possibilities.

6 different composition concepts for flat lays.

Post image editing to ensure you are getting the best out of your image.  I’ll reveal the best apps for enhancing image quality as well as special effects that will make your product stand out from the competition.

Honing your skills.

Extra pointers and insider tips.

A step by step checklist to provide you with focus and clarity when styling.

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Please note this Product Styling book is in an electronic format. A digital PDF copy will be sent to your email address once a purchase has been made. You do not need a special device to read this ebook. Enjoy!


“Just reading through your product styling e-book I downloaded the other day…it’s so informative and easy to follow. Full of practical tips and really useful ideas… and I’m only half way through. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Got it, read the whole book today, fabulous.”

“I am officially buzzing with ideas and can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice! Besides all of your amazing styling advice, my number one takeaway is to take photos when I am feeling creative and not pressed for time. Thanks so much for putting this together, it is a fabulous resource.”

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Product Styling E-book

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